2​:​14 AM

by Chris + Joe

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released February 15, 2016

Written by Joe and Chris
Produced by Chris
Recorded and Mixed by Brian Levi
Mastered by Eugene Lee



all rights reserved


Spotless Minds Project Austin, Texas

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Track Name: 2:14 AM
What up my boo nopolis
Modern day metropolis
Waiting on you to come over here and drop on this
Pop lock stop on this
See you like the oculus
You can do a full split
Sound like an optimist
Damn it's getting late
And we running out time
Have I left my house yet
Nah girl, I'm trying
But I figured it better
Specially in this weather
If We used WIFI to face time
Just jokes
and Im playing
Talk kind of fast
Do you hear what I'm saying
Well let me slow it down
I manipulate the sound
Cause I'm always in the keys
Pop hold it down
Get the phone voice on
Putting you to sleep
Looking at the time
Saw it's 2:14
I say it's getting early
And you say it's getting late
But we got a couple hours
Til we finish our debate.

We made the move, now we're getting close
talking on the phone every hour til we're both
but still we chop it up some more
just the first step in being down to get it on

Introduced by a couple of friends
then we traded numbers
now it's up in the air
til one of us is sitting at home
and pick up the phone
trying to see if something is there
and it went like
repeated with a
" hello"
she said
"how you doing?"
I was like
"mellow, how about you"
and she was like
"well um...I can't complain
had a pretty good day
before I got caught in the rain"
then I'm like
"see, that's something to be mad about"
and she was like
"naw, it was all good
cause it was just like this song that I'm mad about,
it's called 'Dancing in the Rain'
by this rapper named Blu"
and I was like
she said
"what's wrong?"
I'm like
"ill, this might be for real
cause you knowing that song
hit me right in the feels"

Track Name: Sexy So Well
Nothing's sacred tonight
the world's mine
so I'll take what I like
but I'm not selfish
may I invite you
to take a chance
have a taste and a bite too

Let me stop
too abrasive?
but if you want
we can not do the chasing
skip right to the point
you're the doc
I'm the patient
you're the spot
that I'm making my way to
yep, yep
let's say you
and me
do whatever we want
and break rules
you wear your sexy so well
now add that to
the scent of your smell
those lips
and those heels
your hips in those pants
we hit the floor
like it all ends tonight
like the bartender's like
"last call, this shot here's your life!"
so I'm taking it
drink up
by the way that we synced up
linked up
we just agree to be
and let be
no need to let anything come
between us

It's not your fault that you look this good
Well maybe it is but you look so good
And how can they be mad when you look this good
Cause If they had a chance
I think they would
They'll take several minutes
Or even a couples days
Maybe a few weeks
And they all trying to say
Is you wear sexy so so well
You the best when your dressed up
So so well
With your hair done
And your pedicures toes
Honestly I'm just trying to hang out like wet clothes
See now I got you laughing
Yeah see I told you it would happen
What am I wearing
Oh that's Armani code
Thank you for noticing
And thank you for asking
Have I been here before
Well I've been present as long as you've been absent

I know you probably hear this all the time
(all the time)
but I'm nothing like these other guys
(other guys)
I just gotta tell you
that you
wear your sexy so well
(so well)
Track Name: Pink Lemonade
Can I have some
Cause I need that
Late night in the studio
Yeah no feedback
Call I call you
When I want some
Can't nobody make it like
Don't tell me that you won't come
Pink lemonade's
All I really want a taste of
All I really want a taste of
Early in the morning
First thing when I wake
And I put it in a pitcher
And stir it all up
I don't need a straw
Just put in the cup
Drink it real slow
No need for me to rush
But I got a whole pitcher
And I'll never get enough

Can I get a sip?
can I get a taste?
can I get a little bit of your drank?
I love your flavor
and I'm gone savor it
babygirl, you know you my favorite

I ain't ashamed to say
that I
need a drank
and uh
pink lemonade
is all that I wanna taste
take it to the face
I ain't got no limits
turn that glass up
I ain't about no sipping
I can have it with my breakfast
or my lunch
and no doubt
before and after my dinner
you just gotta mix it
and stir it
when I'm itching for a fixing
serve it
my thirst is the worst
gotta quench it
lemon twist with a serving
of that sweetness
of that pinkness
when I drink it
then I sink in
to the deepness
that you own and
sitting on it
can you pour it
cause I want it
oh good lord

Track Name: Nobody Like You
Pardon my candor
you weren't part of the plan but
it's outta my hands cause
when I saw you I had none
like, all of them had just
departed my head
so my heart could take over
let's start with a dance, huh
I'm just
I'm just
I'm just
I'm just saying
that you ain't
you ain't
the type to just play with
gotta see what it is
and even more what it could be
should we do it all?
is honestly where I stand
and this is after
we did the dinner after
the movie
sitting, laughing
feeling feelings massive
we shouldn't let it pass up
even with the madness of past loves
put it past us
and get to adding
to the story of the one
that likes to get in your face
when it's her
that's beating you at video games
and it's her
got you pacing your steps and
replacing your best friend
that's when
you make him the best man

Nobod-nobod-nobody like you
nobod-nobod-nobody like you, babe
Nobod-nobod-nobody like you
nobod-nobod-nobody like you, babe
Nobod-nobod-nobody like you
nobod-nobod-nobody like you, babe
Nobod-nobod-nobody like you
nobod-nobod-nobody like you, babe

I feel the best when you wake me up in the morning
The first thing I see in the morning
when I open my eyes
It's not a surprise
I love you more and more and more every morning
And nothing gone change that
Don't have to explain that
It's only been months
And I know the years won't change that
I found your heart
And that's where your flames at
I love your last name
But one day we gone change that
I got be honest, logical and pragmatic
Cause you put a spell on me
Using your black magic
It's something about you
I can't put my finger on it
I got the rest of my life to discover And linger on it
I Say I never do it again
But I now i do
Envision the vision
Of holding hands saying I do
Didn't by you a present
I made you a couple of songs
There's nobody like you
Here's where we belong

Nobody, nobody
I don't want
nobody, nobody
I don't want
nobody, nobody
I don't want
nobody, nobody
but you, babe
Track Name: More Than Just...
You're more than just your body
More than just your curves
It's everything on your mind
It's everything in your words
Everything that you say
And everything that you do
It's everything that you are
That honestly makes you you
Everything that you give
It's everything that you earn
It's more than what you teach
It's more than I'll ever learn
More than just your clothes
And More than just you style
Everything in your laugh
Means everything when you smile.
Let's explore the connection
The object of my affection
Haven't been to church in years
But Baby you're a blessing
Honesty it occurred
These feeling that I've incurred
Are due to your love
You agree so i concur
More than just an ear
More than just a shoulder
More than just another woman
I want to come home to
How do I sum it up
What more is there to say
I love you way you are
Wouldn't have it another way

If they saw you
how I see you
then the world would glow
if they knew
what I knew
then the world would know
cause you're more
than any amount of gold
cause you're more
than anything ever known
cause you're more
than anything I can say
and the world should know

You're more than just your body
more than just your curves
it's everything on your mind
and everything in your words
everything in your walk
everything in your glance
everything when you talk
it's everything in your stance
it's everything that you've done
and everything that you do
and everything that has yet to be done
that you will too
the culmination of culture
the history of a people
even when they don't see you
you're everything that is true
the highest of highs
subjected to lowest of lows
but lo and behold
your strength keeps you holding your own
you're more than a lover
more than a sister
more than a mother
more than just a Mrs.
more than someone's daughter
more than some would say
you're more than any name
more than just a shade
more than what you have
worth more than they can pay
more than I'll ever know
and more I can't explain
Black Woman